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Our Services

We provide strategic services in highly dynamic and even volatile environments.  We help get the right things done at the right time.

Assess, Align, Act.

What We

Current State, Future State and Pathways

  • Product Organization

  • Technology Organization

  • Operations

  • Customer Success and Quality Assurance

  • Realistic Risks and Ameliorations

  • Opprtunities for Short and Long Term Scaling and Growth


Complex Acquisitions and Distressed Assets

  • Complex Diligence

  • Pre-Transaction Value Discovery and Validation

  • Complex Post-Transaction Integration

  • Post-Transaction Value Creation

Strategy in place. Tactics understood. 

Leadership and Management in alignment.

  • Leadership Support

  • Strategic Planning

  • Change Management

  • Programme Management

  • Product Management

  • Agile Coaching

  • LEAN Coaching

Digital Twins

  • Operational Models

  • Cost and Profit Cashflow Models 

  • Product Models

  • Service Models 

  • Customer Success and Support Models 

  • Risk Models



  • Wardley Mapping

  • Complexity Modelling

  • Business Process Modelling

  • Composite and Bespoke Mapping and Modelling

  • Root Cause Analyses

Data and Analysis

  • Data Governance

  • Data Engineering

  • Evidence-based Decision Support

  • Stochastic Problem Analyses

  • Statistical Analyses

  • Computational Intelligence Strategies

Stemming from the WHY of the company, this is the WHAT, WHEN and WHERE of the organization.

The practices developed, internalized and honed to execute the strategy. This is the WHO and HOW of the organization.

Roadmaps / Logistics
Putting it all together collaboratively in an actionable, realistic plan.

Our senior practitioners immediately deliver value while coaching others.

  • Interim Leadership

  • Product Management

  • Project Management

  • Business Analysis

  • Technical and Data Architecture

  • Quality Assurance Engineering

  • Software Engineering

  • DevOps Engineering

  • Service Design

  • UI/UX Design and Development



Here --> There 

A Diagnostic allows you to take full advantage of our collective experience. We partner with you to assess and diagnose what you are currently most concerned about. We will also identify risks and ameliorations and help you chart a way forward.


For example, if:

  • You are about to kick off a large modernization project and you need to know it will be successful.

  • IT, R&D or Operational spend does not seem to be lining up with value.

  • You need a strategic view over a complex set of issues.

  • An IT or R&D project is lagging and you have little or no visibility into it

  • You are faced with an existential need to pivot and you need to know how to line everything up

  • Or any other initiative where a diagnostic would help to strengthen or challenge current assumptions.


Depending on the nature of the Diagnostic, we assign the most experienced team members with the right mix of business and domain skills to suit the situation.


We work fast to understand the situation from you and your team. We fully immerse ourselves into your business situation, process and strategy, the company values goals and history, and documentation.


Once we can concisely communicate a clear understanding of the current state, we apply our wealth of experience and dive in.


We examine your initiative through the lens of risk versus value – always tying the value back to your business and the how the business brings value to its customers. This can take on many forms and is, by nature, as varied as the businesses themselves.


The outcome is an honest diagnostic of your situation, derived from many years of collective experience that will usually validate some activities and assumptions and challenge others. Any present dangers identified will have suggestions for remediation.


Following a Diagnostic, we can continue to partner with you with Leadership, Management or Engineering support at any level required.


We’re here for you.

group of people collaborating at a table.
chess pieces close up

Leadership and Management Support

Partners in Strategy

  • At Quicksilver, we recognize that strong leadership and effective management support are the driving forces behind organizational success in all technology supported businesses. Our Leadership and Management Support Services are not only strategic, but highly tactical. We are here to quickly figure out what needs doing, and then move straight to getting it done.

  • In all cases we want to work with our clients to build organizations that are responsive and capable. We are here to help develop deep organizational awareness, get clear and aligned on next steps and then be your partner through to realizing the value.

  • Change can be difficult to manage, especially in fast-paced, high stress situations and environments. We bring a deep set of skills from Leadership and Change Management to Agile Coaching, Technical Architecture and all the way down to Engineering, if required.

  • Because of this ability to move up and down the complexity scale and into the most obscure areas of your business, we are a most capable Leadership Partner.

  • Let’s Create some Value!


Agile, Architectural and Engineering Support

Partners in Tactics 

  • And on the ground.


  • We bring the right people to table to get everything aligned and functioning.  We work with your teams to get the right processes in place and nurture the right skills and behaviors to get things done and delivered.

  • We can work with your existing teams, or we can work with, and prepare you to take advantage of, offshore teams. 

  • In terms of the product and technology side of your business there is nothing too complicated, too scary or too off the rails for us to help. Because we see the business, the people and the processes we can help untangle the technology until it supports and empowers you rather than causing you to conform to it.

  • Let’s get it done.

people coding at desks
looking upwards at a glass building

Mapping, Modelling and Data Analysis

Let's see what we're working with here...

  • Sometimes you need visual / spatial thinkers to help pull things apart and show us what things look like – taking all that complexity and making it consumable and explicable in a way that allows for complex strategic scenarios to be developed and tested before being developed into full-scale initiatives.

  • Other times you need an operational digital twin. A model that covers Sales, Finance, Operations, Customer Success, Engineering, R&D, Forecasted Revenue ... and all other complexities so you can test theories, and see into the future.

  • We use a variety of modelling techniques and tools raging from Wardley Mapping and Service Design to Financial Operational Modelling and Business Process Modelling. We tailor the output to the audience and purpose and apply solid visual communication techniques to produce the output required for the tasks at hand, to the fidelity required to communicate the states and objectives.

  • The results are models and maps that are not only compelling communication devices, but tools that can be used to develop and test strategic initiatives on a large scale – reducing the likelihood of project failure or simply doing the wrong thing to begin with.

  • We know to never underestimate the value of these exercises and the institutional knowledge and wisdom they generate.

Comprehensive Services

Some of the many disciplines that come together to make us who we are.

  • Agile Coaching

  • Agile Management

  • Business Analysis

  • Business Architecture

  • Business Intelligence

  • Business Process Design and Modelling

  • Computational Intelligence Strategies

  • Data Architecture Assessment

  • Data Governance

  • Data Visualization

  • Enterprise Architecture Assessment

  • Infrastructure Architecture

  • Leadership Support

  • LEAN Coaching

  • Numerical and Statistical Analysis and Modelling

  • Organizational Change

  • Product Lifecycle Alignment

  • Project Management

  • Project Turnaround

  • Release Management

  • Service Design

  • Software Architecture Assessment

  • Software Lifecycle Alignment

  • Solutions Architecture Assessment

  • User Experience Research

  • Value Chain Mapping

  • Value to Risk Alignment

  • Visual Communication

  • Wardley Mapping

Quicksilver was an invaluable partner for our project. When they came on board 8 months into a 12-month project that had seen little progress, they were able to quickly assess the situation and develop a plan to recover it.
Quicksilver’s expertise in agile practices was essential in this recovery, as they set up processes that allowed us to seamlessly act on the future state architectures they developed. These architectures put us in a position to outcompete our rivals and achieve our goals.
The ability to recover our project was crucial to our success and Quicksilver played a key role in making that happen.

Tom Murphy - CTO

  • Will a diagnostic take up a lot of time and resources on our end?
    We try to be a light a touch as possible when doing our diagnostic – we will only ask for time from you when absolutely required, and we are fine with asynchronous communication provided we are not blocked. We realize that you are busy doing business – we don’t need to interrupt that to get our work done.
  • Our business has very unique aspects, will your diagnostic be too generic for us?
    We do not have templated diagnostics. We know each business is as unique as the people within it. This is why we focus first on summary findings and a deep conversation first. We only memorialize the things most important to you and we make no assumptions about what those might be.
  • Why is the readout so important?
    We have all had to deliver reports where over half of the content was not supportive of the message being communicated. By focusing on summary findings and having a deep and meaningful discussion (readout) of these, we are able to collectively understand what is most important, and then memorialize it in a way that communicates it best to you and your team, and to whomever you need to share it with. That requires your input and insight so we can get it right, with no filler.
  • Can you assist with post-merger / add-on integrations?
    Yes, in mergers or add-ons we can help figure out overlaps, weigh up competing concerns, examine effectiveness over efficiency and help plot the way towards integration. Once the plan is in place we can also be a trusted execution partner to get you there.
  • Do you do post-transaction Value Creation?
    Yes we do. Post transaction is where the real work begins. We will take your diligence and dive even further into the areas that need pivoting to achieve your investment thesis goals. We develop clear and achievable roadmaps and can work with you and your team to get you there.
  • Do you do buy side Due Diligence?
    Our Diagnostics can be used as buy-side diligence. We tailor each Diagnostic to the specific areas to be examined. We focus primarily on the operational and technical sides of the organization to validate the CIM, identify potential risks and opportunities and tailor findings to your investment thesis.
  • Do you do sell-side Due Diligence?
    Yes. Smart choice. We can work with you and your IB to back up your CIM and make you diligence ready. We can also help with short-term, intensive projects to remedy any risky areas in the operations or technical organization before you start your conversations.
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